Why not use our back gate to enter the historical Garendon Estate whilst you are here?

Visit Stonebow Medieval Bridge, The Bavarian Gate,  and see  the birds on Stonebow Washland ponds.

Stonebow Ancient Bridge Loughborough

Stonebow Bridge

Walk out of our gate and turn left onto the woodland footpath. Go through the woods, and exit the woods at the second gap on the right. Go across the field and head for the White Cottage. There is a red brick sub-station on your left and a five bar gate. Go through the gate and you will go along an unadopted road (Pear Tree Lane).

pear tree lane.JPG
tree stump.JPG

Go straight along Pear Tree Lane. On your left there is a big tree stump in front of a gate. Go through the gate and down the hill through the woods and you will come to Stonebow Medieval Bridge.

Cross the bridge and keep going straight on. You can turn left here and pass the Stone Seat if you would like to see the swans at Stonebow Washland. Look out for the heron on the fishing ponds. Otherwise carry on and you will come to a swing gate. Walk though this and you will see a big stone wall in front of you.

stone seat.JPG

Ancient Stone Seat

Turn right and walk alongside Garendon Park Estate which will be on your left.

Go to the top of this road as far as you can to see the Bavarian Gate. Turn right and keep walking until will come to another bridge. The dogs like to have a splash here. Keep walking and take your next right. You are back on the Pear Tree Lane.

Bavarian Gate Loughborough

The Bavarian Gate

Walk up the hill and you will eventually come back to the tree stump. Walk past the stump and back from where you came. There is a play park in sight if you have time for a sit down. At a leisurely pace this walk will take you about an hour.

Look out for The Obelisk, you can see it in the distance and you may want to walk to it another day.

Obelisk loughborough

The Obelisk

Garendon Park Estate Loughborough
dogs at garenden estate park.jpg

The Play Park


Thank you to lynne and tim heaton for the images